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Indigo Fabrics for the Ethnic Group

We as Indians are now coming up with many ethnic designs and fabrics for daily and party wear uses. Keeping this in mind the manufacturers have started to manufacture various kinds of materials and fabrics to cater to the demands of the buyers. Out of the many available ethnic designs, Shibori Indigo fabric is much in demand. This is a Japanese style pattern which is created by manual dyeing. It is very common and famous in the rural India and is majorly found in Rajasthan region. These designs are available in many patterns and with different fabrics.
  • Blue White Indigo Block Print Cotton Fabric-16046
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    Product Code-FAB-BLU-IND-16046
    Type-Cotton Indigo Block Print
    Occasion-Daily Wear, Wedding, Festival, Party Wear
    Width- 44 inches ( 110 centimetres)
    Length- 1 meter (Increase from the drop-down menu if you want more.)
    -If you purchase more than 1 Meter you will get it in running length, not in pieces
    Weight- Approx 80 grams per meter
    Delivery Time- India- 5-7 days, Outside India- 12-15 days.
    Care Instructions- Avoid washing in hot water. Dry cleaning recommended.
    Note-The color of Fabric shown due to photography can be slightly different from the real Product.
    Soon We will add more products..

Indigo Blue Fabric Uses

Indigo Blue Fabric is very common and has loads of designs and patterns which are used in many ways by the designers and creators. Let us look at a few uses of the Indigo Print Fabric.

• Indigo Batik Fabric is used in most of the bedding materials such as bed sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, sheets and much more.
• Indigo Cotton Fabric is more used to create table covers, clotheslines such as t-shirts, shirts, pants and trousers.
• Indigo Block Print Fabric is used to make curtains which look beautiful and vibrant when put up in the homes and add to the décor and looks.
• As the Indigo fabric by the yard is available easily the creativity flows with ease.
• You can use them to make anything that needs a fabric and it will give an amazing look to the final product.

Indigo-dyed Fabric for Decorating Homes

You must have never imagined that decorating the home could be so easy. The many designs and color options make home décor fun and engaging activity. You can use them to make curtains, sofa sets and its covers, bed sheets and pillow covers. You can even use them for dining clothesline. The indigo dyed fabric is versatile in nature and can be mixed with any combination to get a great output.The most common fabric among all is the indigo dyed fabric. Indigo is nothing but blue colors in many shades.

Buy Indigo Fabric Online

We all have been used to the traditional shopping experience of going down to local shops and buying products. But these days the online shopping websites are trending and making a mark in the shopper’s paradise. has loads of variety available in the indigo fabrics section and other fabrics as well. They can help in designing your home and office and show you the many uses of the product. You will get great offers and discounts which will make the indigo fabric cheaper than usual. It is one product which enhances the look of your homes at an affordable rate. You can eye the many sale events to get the best products online. The best part is that shopping can be done in the comfort of your homes or office and that too without worrying about carrying the product. They are delivered to your doorstep without any extra charges. You can also return or exchange the product if not satisfied and that too without any questions asked.