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  • Wall Hanging with 3..
    ₹1,664.00 ₹1,280.00   Stock 1

    Item Code: #SHOWHF08987

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    Add Some Attraction to Your Walls with Barmeri Wall Hanging

    • This beautiful wall hanging can add unique appeal to your walls and generate some conversation among your guests
    • This beautiful Barmeri wall hanging features elephant design with Barmeri pattern
    • It adds unusual holographic effect and brings amazing texture and color to the walls in your living room or bedroom
  • Pink Barmeri Wall Ha..
    ₹1,560.00 ₹1,200.00   Stock 1

    Item Code: #SHOWHF08986

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    Barmeri Wall Hanging Crafted by Master Artists

    • This beautiful pink wall hanging is crafted well with Barmeri print and beautifully designed by expert artisans from India
    • This colorful wall hanging features beautiful design
    • It measures 60 inches wide and 42 inches high
    • It is easy to maintain and clean
  • Elephant Centric Wal..
    ₹1,248.00 ₹960.00   Stock 1

    Item Code: #SHOWHF08982

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    Handmade Wall Hanging with Beautiful Elephant Design

    • This handcrafted creation features stunning elephant design made by silk threads on the velvet fabric
    • The elephant is designed on the center and borders have stunning pattern
    • It is designed well by skilled artisans who have expertise in making beautiful wall art with different patterns
  • Yellow Barmeri Parda
    ₹624.00 ₹480.00   Stock 1

    Item Code: #SHOWHF08990

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    Barmeri Parda Adds Grace to Your Living Room

    • In order to add spaciousness and unique appeal to your living room or dining room, choose this Barmeri Parda designed with sequence patches
    • Measuring just 32x20 inches, this tapestry is very space efficient
    • This stylish tapestry can easily add the illusion of spaciousness on the walls of your living room
  • Barmeri Parda with B..
    ₹1,144.00 ₹880.00   Stock 1

    Item Code: #SHOWHF08978

    Availability: In stock

    Make Your Room Looking Elegant with Barmeri Parda
    • Measuring 60”x30”, the Barmeri Parda features unique traditional artwork with sequence patches
    • It is hand woven in soft fabric and has strategic lining on the front
    • It is known as the sturdy wall hanging that can easily enhance the overall look of your décor
  • Gujrati Parda with T..
    ₹1,768.00 ₹1,360.00   Stock 1

    Item Code: #SHOWHF08977

    Availability: In stock

    Own This Classic Gujarati Parda to Add Elegance

    • This vivid cotton classic Gujarati Parda is designed well to be hanged to enhance the elegance to your home interior
    • It features rich woven colors that come in shades
    • Measure 60 x 42 inches, this Gujarati Parda is well designed with thread work and rich tones of blue, green and red colors
  • Barmeri Parda Sequen..
    ₹1,144.00 ₹880.00   Stock 1

    Item Code: #SHOWHF08975

    Availability: In stock

    Showcase Your Status with Rich Embroidered Barmeri Parda
    • This Barmeri Parda truly symbolizes your iconic personality with its spiritual enlightenment and the union of tradition and cultural aesthetics
    • The sequence patches in this tapestry adds elegance to the walls of your living room
    • Measuring 60” x 42”, this tapestry is the best choice for your home
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